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viva la mixed_tapes!

so, i really like this community. it's the only mix-making community i've come across that isn't filled with a bunch of pretentious assholes who rip you apart for putting sunny day real estate and taking back sunday on the same mix. it's really too bad that anyone rarely ever posts.

i present to you now, a mix i made about a month or two ago, for the sake of making mixes. in hopes that it will inspire those reading this to make some posts.

piebald - american hearts
hot rod circuit - radiation suit
cursive - the casualty
built to spill - car
interpol - evil
the dismemberment plan - what do you want me to say ?
minus the bear - hooray
enon - natural disasters
death cab for cutie - information travels faster
the (international) noise conspiracy - let's make history
the weakerthans - watermark
the blood brothers - love rhymes with hideous car wreck
explosions in the sky - glittering blackness
team sleep - 11,11
i am the avalanche - i took a beating
the rentals - big daddy c.
jimmy eat world - authority song
q and not u - hooray for humans!
hot water music - paper thin
sleater kinney - all hands on the bad one
the pixies - where is my mind ?
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