keeley (mindgoneblank) wrote in mixed_tapes,

now you're all gone, got your make up on and you're not coming back.

_q and not u - kiss distinctly american
_broken social scene - anthems for a 17 year old girl
_death cab for cutie - lightness
_last days of april - aspirins and alcohol
_rainer maria - spit and fire
_built to spill - i would hurt a fly
_cursive - the night i lost the will to fight
_team sleep - ever (foreign flag)
_incubus - here in my room
_denali - time away
_the (international) noise conspiracy - will it ever be quiet ?
_the postage era - ipecac like wine
_minus the bear - let's play guitar in a five guitar band
_the dismemberment plan - the jitters
_explosions in the sky - look into the air
_the american analog set - we're computerizing and we just don't need you anymore.
_jets to brazil - sea anemone
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